Thursday, April 30, 2009

[Share]USE MORE! Toothpaste Tube

Hong-ik University,
Product design
Jochiwon, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea, South

Hong-ik University,
Product design
Jae-Han SongSeoul, Korea, South

When toothpaste is almost empty, we either spend ages squeezing the remainder out of the tube or use a pair of scissors. This tube of toothpaste has a jagged end, making the end of the tube easy to tear open. This small change also contributes towards saving resources.
form: iF award

[Share]Guide to Sustainability

1.質疑設計的前提Question the premise of the design
2.減少產品複雜性Make it less complex
3.讓它有更多功能Make it more useful
4.減少材質種類Reduce material variaty
5.Avioid toxic or harmful materials and chemicals
6.Reduce size and weight
7.Optimize manufacturing process
8.Design packaging in parallel with products
9.Design for upgradeability
10.Create durable and high quality designs
11.死而復生的設計Design for life after death
12.讓產品模組化Make it modular
13.Use recycled, recyclabe, renewable, and biodergradable materials
14.減少扣件Minimize fasteners
15.Don't use paint

資料來源:DESIGN 146

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

[Share]Tithi Design

My mum asked me to lean the chairs against the wall in case it rains. Firstly, Why don’t we keep that water. Secondly, I’m lazy.I made a garden table that collects water in its central base which can be used for plants and flowers potentially saving 178-510 litres of water a year. (taken from average rainfall in the driest to wettest part of UK)Next to it, the bird feeder which collects water from its roof and channels it into the bird’s bath underneath.Effortless eco-friendly objects.*Finalist InnovationRCA’s Selected Works programme 2007

Sunday, April 19, 2009

STU page chang

Hi! my name is chang pei-chia.You can call me page.
My gender is female.
I’m a junior student of product design department at stu.
Actually,my english is very poor.

haha! thank you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

NCKU Diane Li

Dear Howon, Son and Chang,Pei Chia:

Now I 'd like to introduce myself to you.
I'm a junior in NCKU, now studying in inductrial design.
I like to play the guitar and sing songs in my free time.
It's nice to cooperate with you.
Hope we will have a fantastic and wonderful design in few days.

We can just put some ideas in the blog.
I think it will be helpful to our thinkings.

Have a nice idea!

At First

Let's talk about Green Design!!

It's about time to have a workshop in May.