Thursday, April 30, 2009

[Share]Guide to Sustainability

1.質疑設計的前提Question the premise of the design
2.減少產品複雜性Make it less complex
3.讓它有更多功能Make it more useful
4.減少材質種類Reduce material variaty
5.Avioid toxic or harmful materials and chemicals
6.Reduce size and weight
7.Optimize manufacturing process
8.Design packaging in parallel with products
9.Design for upgradeability
10.Create durable and high quality designs
11.死而復生的設計Design for life after death
12.讓產品模組化Make it modular
13.Use recycled, recyclabe, renewable, and biodergradable materials
14.減少扣件Minimize fasteners
15.Don't use paint

資料來源:DESIGN 146

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