Tuesday, May 12, 2009

[product]Wishbone Bike

On the premise that young children get frustrated with tricycles because they don't have the strength and coordination to pedal, Wishbone ditched the pedals, and instead kids brake with their feet and focus on learning to steer and balance. The bike adjusts to fit walking kids ages 1 to 5. It starts with three wheels, then converts into a two-wheeled, size-adjustable running bike.

Monday, May 11, 2009

[ideas]confirm the consumer group

maybe we can think which consumer group we are focus.
what they would do in one day long

for excample
get up from mother -> brush teethes -> go to school -> buy breakfast
-> recite a text on the book -> take a break(play basket ball)

or we can think what goods the may need to use

children-the forviture grow up with childen
mothers-water preservation when clean the house
business man-remember to turn off the elec. product
a vendor-use less package


Designer Joan Nadal took on the challenge to re-design one of the most common everyday objects: the humble clothes hanger. A small object with a large environmental footprint if we consider that of the 8 billion polystyrene or polycarbonate hangers manufactured per year, only 15% are recycled. That is enough to fill the Empire State Building 4 times! The solution: make recyclable hanger from just one material, and if you can, recycle something along the way. BoB Hanger does exactly that: it’s made from recycled cardboard and needs two reused bottles to function.

BoB stands for Bottle Рobject РBottle, which is what you need to make this hanger. The middle object is a clever cardboard design that folds into the main structure, to which you attach a reused water bottle on each end. Et voilà, a hanger! BoB Hanger is 100% recycled and can be fully recycled at the end of its life. Plus it comes flat pack, which reduces transport energy. BoB Hanger carries up to 0,5 kilos, but if you think the two plastic bottles are too weak to take the weight of your winter coat, try sticking a rolled up magazine through the holes. Via ::Servei Estaciò ::BoB Hanger

[product]Eat with your glasses

Eat with your glasses

Remember Project A? In what is surely one of Jackie Chan’s best performances there’s a scene where he can’t find any chopsticks to eat his lunch with. Ever the innovator, he grabs a couple of handy pencils to chows down with, and ends up eating both his noodles and the little erasers on the end of the pencils. Clearly designer Brad Gressel has run into similar such difficulties. The arms of his Stix glasses concept are home to a pair of stainless steel tipped chopsticks so the shortsighted on the go will never be caught out again. Unfortunately there isn’t a compartment in the chopsticks for soy sauce, but lets face it, if you forgot that too then lunch was just never on the cards was it?

Designer: Brad Gressel

[Product]sustainable DIY-paper scale

paper scaleScale

Chung-Ang University,
Industrial DesignSeoul,
Korea, South

Oh. Mi-RanJung,
Yoo-Jin Seoul,
Korea, South
This scale is made of recycled paper. It can be folded and stowed easily. On normal scales you have to look down to check your weight - paper scale allows an upright view, where a display will show the weight. The scale is arranged like a clock face without any numbers. Just step on the footprints marked. The scaling will light up and show your correct weight. Paper scale comes in a box and is easy to carry. On the back is a fixed sticker so, paper scale can be attached on the wall and removed easily

From: iF concept award 2008

[Product]sustainable DIY-Pill Soap

Pill Soap
red dot red dot award: design concept 2008


Kim Hyun Joong
Jeong Kwang Seok

Soap is pervasive in our lives, but much of it is wasted and wasteful. Pill Soap offers conveniently carried single serves of soap that provide for cleanliness but reduce waste.

Soap is one of the cleaning necessities in our everyday lives, being used at home, in public wash rooms, and when we travel. The portable pill-shaped Pill Soap will come in handy whenever soap is required, conveniently providing just the quantity of soap required. A pill melts once it gets wet and makes sufficient suds to wash the hands. If one is not enough, another pill can be used.

Although soap is very important in our everyday lives, it has the disadvantage of polluting the environment. It must be used wisely and in moderation. Pill Soap reduces the quantity of the soap that is unnecessarily consumed and remains as waste. In addition, it saves on individual packing resources, as the Pill Soap containers can be filled up whenever necessary. Pill Soap can be used conveniently regardless of time and place. It makes travelling more convenient, and the plastic container is tolerant of wet conditions. Pill Soap can also be shared, avoiding the undesirable situation of using a cake of soap that has been touched by many other hands.