Monday, May 11, 2009

[Product]sustainable DIY-Pill Soap

Pill Soap
red dot red dot award: design concept 2008


Kim Hyun Joong
Jeong Kwang Seok

Soap is pervasive in our lives, but much of it is wasted and wasteful. Pill Soap offers conveniently carried single serves of soap that provide for cleanliness but reduce waste.

Soap is one of the cleaning necessities in our everyday lives, being used at home, in public wash rooms, and when we travel. The portable pill-shaped Pill Soap will come in handy whenever soap is required, conveniently providing just the quantity of soap required. A pill melts once it gets wet and makes sufficient suds to wash the hands. If one is not enough, another pill can be used.

Although soap is very important in our everyday lives, it has the disadvantage of polluting the environment. It must be used wisely and in moderation. Pill Soap reduces the quantity of the soap that is unnecessarily consumed and remains as waste. In addition, it saves on individual packing resources, as the Pill Soap containers can be filled up whenever necessary. Pill Soap can be used conveniently regardless of time and place. It makes travelling more convenient, and the plastic container is tolerant of wet conditions. Pill Soap can also be shared, avoiding the undesirable situation of using a cake of soap that has been touched by many other hands.

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