Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sustainable interaction

People's movement or sound can be transfered into electricity. This topic is very charming for idea generation!!


  1. 1. Heath equipment which captures kinetic energy and transfer it into electricity.

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  3. 2.This design is about transferring human movements into electronic energy.

    Some girls do exercises before sleep, like sits-up.

    The design is to put the ring on one's leg or wrist.

    The design is to put the ring on one's leg or wrist, when people start to work out, the movement turn into power via pulling the ring.

    The power would be saved to as the electricity for the night lamp.

    A lot of girls fall asleep without turning the lights off, it is wasting energy.

    The power generated by kinetic apparatus could only last for couple hours so that it won’t be a waste of energy for accidentally falling asleep.